Oops! Magazine's Richardson Obituary Premature

Columnist recommends taking a time out before rushing to report

There's nothing short of embarrassment in the offices of the New York's "Time Out" magazine this morning.

It seems the online version of the magazine reported on Wednesday the death of actress Natashia Richardson, but she actually didn't die until Thursday.

"The tribute to Ms. Richardson was heartfelt and well-written," says Chicago columnist Richard Roeper, asking then if the writers' pursuit of the story trampled the truth.

"Friggin' vultures!" onereader commented on the site. "Check your sources before making such statements. Scoring the scoop is not worth the pain and suffering of her family and loved ones!"

In fact, Roeper points out that "Time Out" admitted its error and stood up to "take the hit."  Comments posted on the site are harsh, angry, disgusted.

Roeper presents every journalist -- working or not, paid or unpaid -- with the question, "Why? Why would it be so important to be first to report the death of an actress? What would it matter if you waited for 101 percent confirmation?"

Good question, but we all know it just does.

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