Portillo's Brings Back Candy Cane Shakes for 2021 Holiday Season

Portillo's will bring back a tasty holiday classic starting this week.

The iconic Chicago fast food chain announced plans for their annual candy cane shakes to return to menus across the area starting Wednesday.

Through Dec. 31, candy cane shakes will be available in chocolate and vanilla, as well as in the form of a cake shake, Portillo's said in a release.

The shakes, which were originally introduced to the menu in 2018, are available either in person or by delivery while supplies last, the Chicago chain noted.

This summer, Portillo's announced plans for a new restaurant opening in suburban Joliet, which is expected to offer its classic Chicago favorites solely by pick-up or delivery.

Located at Larkin Avenue and Route 30, Portillo's Pick-Up is the first of its kind for the chain, providing three lanes of cars to pick up everything from cake shakes and hot dogs to Italian beef sandwiches and French fries.

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