Pop Singer Attends Brother Rice Senior's Prom

A Brother Rice High School senior received the surprise of his life when his favorite pop singer accompanied him to the prom Saturday.

Eddie Seitz didn't think singer Guinevere would show up to his prom, but surprised him at his door a couple of hours before it began.

Guinevere burst on the scene in 2012 on the heels of her first single, "Crazy Crazy," which climbed to No. 19 on the Billboard dance chart. She went on tour, but Seitz couldn't go to the concert because he was underage.

"Guinevere invited me to go on the tour bus and meet her and her band. She played songs for me and I talked to her about how I sing and how I made a song," Seitz said.

Seitz is an aspiring singer/songwriter who self-produced a music video under his professional name, Eddie Oliver Smith.

But Seitz admits that he's sometimes had problems fitting in at school.

"I wrote her a letter saying I had never been to any school dance and I asked her if she would go to the prom," Seitz said.

Guinevere decided to go, but wanted to make it a surprise.

"It was difficult, because not responding at all, that was kind of hard to do," Guinevere said.

Seitz found another date for the prom because he didn't know Guinevere was coming, but his date didn't mind having a third wheel tagging along.

At the prom, Seitz escorted Guinevere to the stage where she sang a song she wrote for him.

"She is such an inspiration to me, being a singer, she started on her own, doing her own music," Seitz said.

Guinevere says Seitz's story shows others in similar situation that it's OK to be different.

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