Did Chicago Police Make Racist, Anti-Obama Calls?

Investigation launched over "embarrassing" phone calls

CHICAGO -- An investigation into whether Chicago police officers made racist, hate-filled calls about President Barack Obama has been launched, a police spokesman confirmed Thursday.

A former top police official familiar with the investigation told WFLD-TV that two derogatory calls were made Monday from a building on Harlem Avenue near Milwaukee Avenue.  The calls were made after 16th District officers arrived on the scene to investigate a death, the station reported. 

The official labeled the calls as "stupid" and "embarrassing" but said that no explicit threats were made against the president, according to the television station's report.

Police said the calls were made to an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and may have been recorded.

"We don't know that a police officer was involved.  Our investigation will include any individual who happened to be on the scene," Chicago Police Department Monique Bond said.

The investigation comes on the heels of a high-profile episode in which a 14-year-old managed to impersonate a Chicago police officer to the extent that he spent a shift on patrol.  Another person has been arrested for the same thing.

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