Plan to Charge for “Taste” Concerts Moves Ahead

Concert-goers may have to pay $25 for seats

A plan to charge for premium concert seating at this summer's Taste of Chicago is closer to coming to fruition.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan would imposed a $25 ticket fee to sit in the Petrillo Music Shell during Taste concerts.

The proposal, which also allows attendees to eat special meals, cleared a City Council committee Wednesday, according to the Chicago Tribune . The full council will vote on the measure next week.

The list of musical acts for the food festival has not been released.

City officials hope the revenue will help the festival's bottom line after three years of operating at a loss.

Petrillo seats 3,000 people and 30,000 can squeeze onto the lawn.

This year's Taste of Chicago will be held July 11-15.

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