Inside Drew's World

Peterson connected to murder, disappearance of wives

Drew Peterson has been grabbing headlines for more than a year, outspoken and controversial while a grand jury investigates the death of his third wife, Kathleen savio, and the disappearance of his fourth, Stacy.

Peterson has always maintained his innocence, repeatedly saying that Stacey left him for another man, but he knows suspicion surrounds him and knows that police could arrest him at any time.

As the families of two of his wives continue to search for justice, Peterson seems determined to move on with a new life. He confirmed reports that his 24-year-old fiance, Christina Raines, and her two children have moved in with him.

For an upcoming report for Dateline NBC, Peterson allowed cameras into his Bolingbrook home, strikingly spotless for a bachelor dad.
"Since Stacy left, I haven't changed a thing," Peterson said.

But that order inside the home defies that chaos in his life. Stacy Peterson's sister scoffs at the "Mr. Mom" image and accuses Peterson of taking much more form the children than he could ever give back.

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