‘Like a Bomb': Driver, 84, Crashes Car into Park Ridge Home While Resident Was Doing Bills

A car crashed into a suburban Chicago home Friday morning after an 84-year-old driver blew through a stop sign.

Before smashing into an elderly couple’s kitchen in Park Ridge, the car struck two trees and a lamppost before smashing through the brick wall and coming to rest inside the home in the 1300 block of Greenwood Avenue about 10:50 a.m., police said.

“We were just finishing our breakfast and I was doing some bills over there—right in front of … when it came,” resident Donna Larson said. “It was like a bomb blow—I mean it was that loud.”

Larson and another resident in the home at the time of the crash were uninjured, police said. The driver was treated at the scene for non-life threatening and minor injuries before being transported to Lutheran General Hospital.

“I’m feeling really fortunate that we didn’t lose this whole kitchen,” Larson said, pointed to bricks, debris and flipped-over furniture thrown throughout the home.

The home was being boarded up Friday morning and police said the family would be able to reoccupy the residence once that effort was finished.

“This house is a wonderful house, it’s very sturdy, it was built by a good builder and—thank God,” she said.

Police said the driver will be cited for "several driving violations" and an investigation was ongoing. Drugs and alcohol were not suspected.

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