Downed Drone Spooks Neighbors

A couple in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood say they're a little unnerved by an errant drone that wandered into their yard. 

Noemi Kopp-Tanaka noticed the small aircraft Monday, and trapped it with lawnchairs until police could carry it away.

It could be just a toy that got away from its owner, but Kopp-Tanaka's husband, Peter Kopp, said it's an invasion of privacy no matter what it is.

"It could be a real estate agent, unsolicited," he said. "It could be a burglar who wants to see whether you're at home."

The couple's neighbor, Pam Pauley, said she spotted "red and blue lights" late Sunday, hours before the drone was discovered in the yard.

"There's a presence of something weird in your property with a camera," said Kopp-Tanaka. "You feel really uncomfortable about that." 

The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed ruled regarding drone use, such as only allowing them to be flown during the day and at a certain height, as well as keeping them away from crowded areas. 

The officer who responded said it was his first about a drone in a backyard.

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