‘Somebody's on Our Boat': Video Captures Intruders on Vessel in Diversey Harbor

A boat owner NBC 5 spoke with Monday night says he had items stolen from his dock two weeks in a row--so he installed a camera on the vessel over the weekend. Less than 24 hours later, he says it captured two would-be thieves in the act.

Surveillance video shows two men lurking on the back of a boat Monday morning in Diversey Harbor before quickly taking off when they apparently realize the owners are on board.

"I said i think somebody's on our boat," Denise Schroeder-Katsaros recalls.

She and her husband Dean were sleeping when they heard their poodles begin to bark at the intruders.

Dean says this is the third time three weeks that his boat has been burglarized.

They stole our aqua lily pad and electrical connectors last week," he said.

And the Katsaros' aren't alone. Matt Simmons says his boat was burglarized earlier this summer.

A spokesperson for the Chicago Park District said Westrec, which manages the marina, is aware of the incident Monday morning. Westrec's security personnel will work with Chicago Park District security and the Chicago Police Department to increase security coverage through the end of the season on Oct. 31, the spokesperson said.

Katsaros said he's going to keep his handgun on the boat after the Monday morning surprise to defend he and his wife from any future crimes.

"That's not gonna happen again without a consequence," he said.

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