Barry Barry Cold Outside

From Russia, with gloves.

Recently launched by a pair of Russian programmers, Obama Weather provides a simple five-day weather forecast for any major city, but illustrates the conditions with a cartoon image of Barack Obama, who changes his outfit based on the temp and clime.

Just hit up the site, plug in your location, and Prez Barry will equip himself with the necessary garb and accessories, including light and heavy coats, sunglasses, boots, an umbrella, and long or short pants -- all of which helps you be less naked, i.e., the public option.

Despite its name, Obama Weather also lets you choose among three seemingly random alternate public figures to play dress up with, including House (always grim, always with cane), Angelina Jolie (unsmiling, buxom), and Futurama's Bender, who's either rocking a fur coat (for cold days) or nothing at all -- thus revealing that robots are simply nudists from the future.

It's cold out there. Hit up

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