No Good Excuse for Parking Tickets

New book tells you how to get out of the ticket

Talk about self help, there's a new book out that just might help you save yourself some money (and headaches) down the road.

A Chicago attorney has published "Stick It to Your Ticket," a book about fighting parking tickets -- and if you drive in Chicago, you know those tickets pack a punch.

"The 79-page paperback gives motorists 'practical tools,'" the Chicago Tribune says, along with basics on traffic law that the author, Sheldon Zeiger, says will increase their odds of beating a ticket.

Mostly, Zeigler says, don't make excuses.  If you're going to fight a ticket, argue the evidence.

"Was the sign missing or obscured? Was the meter broken or inoperable? That will get you out of the ticket," he says. 

The hearing officer doesn't care if you were "just running in for a minute," or if "the doorman said it was ok to park there."  Keep your excuses. They'll get you nowhere.

Zeiger's expertise may be questioned, however, since he acknowledges that in 2005 he was fired from his hearing officer job for accumulating too many parking tickets.  He said the car didn't belong to him ... but keep your excuses, counselor.

Stick It To Your Ticket
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