Murdered 14-Year-Old Hailed as Hero

Witnesses say victim was sheilding children from spray of gunfire

The 28th Chicago Public School student killed this year died a hero in the eyes of his family.

Gregory Robinson, 14, was killed Friday night after attending a high school basketball game. Police and witnesses say someone sprayed bullets into the car in which he was riding.

Witnesses said Robinson, a freshman at Simeon Career Academy, jumped into the backseat and died shielding two younger children from the gunfire. 

Relatives praised the the boy's actions and police say they believe Robinson was not the intended target of the shooting.

The 14-year-old was returning to an aunt’s home from a Simeon basketball game with two older cousins and two small children, when shots rang out about 10:45 p.m. Friday, family members said.

Robinson’s cousin, Brandon Orange, who was in the front seat of the car, said he heard what sounded like 30 gunshots being fired at the Chevrolet Malibu as his sister, Brittani Orange, was making a U-turn to park in front of her family’s home.

Brandon Orange shielded his sister, while Robinson tried to protect Brittani Orange’s 10-month-old son, Antonio Porterfield, and 4-year-old goddaughter Sinyiia Bennett, who were with him in the backseat.

When he saw that his cousin slumped over in the back seat, Brandon Orange said, “I didn’t think it was real. Not Greg. He never said or did anything to anybody.”

No other passengers inside the vehicle were injured, Chicago Police said.

Police had no description of the shooter and believe Robinson was not the intended target. No one was in custody for the murder Saturday night.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the shooter or shooters.

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