McCruelty Hits the Web

Andy Dick and Martin Short's video spoof gains popularity

Andy Dick is back with another anti-McDonald’s video, except this time he’s recruited Martin Short as Jiminy Glick to get in on the act.

The duo recently released a spoof that criticizes how McDonald's treats its chickens.

After bombarding the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's with this same message earlier this summer, the campaign has gone to the Internet and gained popularity on

“This kind of gimmick from Peta is disappointing but not surprising,” a McDonald’s spokeswoman said in an e-mail to Chicago Business. “The facts show McDonald's is committed to humane animal welfare practices around the world. . . .Regarding Peta's claims, it's important to note that currently there are no large-scale chicken producers that currently use the method that Peta is advocating; therefore, demands to purchase chickens from this method are not possible.”

The video shows Dick portraying a manaical Ronald McDonald who finds enjoyment from boiling live chickens and snapping their bones.

Looks like the claws are out.

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