Election Judges Removed for Boozing

Guess the vote's on us.

Four judges at Chicago polling precincts were removed for drinking alcohol or abandoning their posts, Chicago Election Board spokesman Jim Allen said.

"We are a village of 15,000 on election day, and for the most part they do their job very well.  We always have a handful of miscreants," he said.

According to Allen:  Lawanda Smith was removed for being intoxicated, Carolyn Morris was removed for taking a two-hour break during the midday hours, Darlene Smith was removed for intoxication, being unruly and causing a voter to leave the polling place without casting a ballot and Martha Dapin was removed for causing a disturbance and repeatedly leaving the polling place to take naps.

All were replaced.

Election judges are responsible for the conduct of the election in the precinct polling place.  After going through a training process and successfully providing service on Election Day, they're paid $170.


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