I-PASS Users Pay 3 Cents More in Indiana

Illinois drivers pay 3 cents more per toll in the Hoosier State

Illinois drivers are about to get dinged by the Indiana toll system.

Drivers who use I-PASS, the Illinois toll systems automatic payment system, to travel on Indiana’s Toll Road will pay about 3 cents more than Indiana drivers who use i-Zoom, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Indiana Toll officials say they’re just passing on the cost to users.

I-PASS people billed Indiana Toll people $751,000 over 12 months to cover the cost of their system being used in Indiana.

The Indiana Toll website lists the charge as a "transaction fee from the Illinois Tollway."

But Illinois Tollway officials claim that bit is misleading.

“This is not from the Illinois Tollway,” spokeswoman Joelle McGinnis told the Chicago Tribune. “We are not charging for this.”

Better than 50-percent of Indiana Toll Road users use I-PASS to pay. 

This "isn't fair to the people who use I-PASS," McGinnis told the Tribune. "We shouldn't be subsidizing users on another tollway system."

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