Hinsdale District 86 Deals With Budget Cuts

When you think of high school sports you think of football and cheerleading.  Now, those two activities and many more are in danger of disappearing at District 86 in Hinsdale.

On Tuesday, the superintendent said the district is dealing with a budget shortfall and as a result has been forced to cut numerous sports and activities for next year at Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South High Schools.

In November, voters in Hinsdale turned down a $130 million referendum that would have paid for infrastructure improvements at both schools.

On Monday night, the school board announced starting the 2019-2020 school year, football, cheerleading, pom pom, wrestling, swimming, water polo, bass fishing would be cut.

The cuts total just over a million dollars.

“We are at the point that in order to make the basic fixes that we have to make to the schools we are going to have to do things that impact the education we provide students; so the question for the community is, what do you want for your schools and your students?” Superintendent Bruce Law said.

According to Law, this could mean no football for the next five years or as long as it takes to make upgrades at the two high schools.

There is a hopeful silver lining for students. Another referendum is scheduled in April.

If voters pass it, the district said some of the activities and sports will remain.

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