Haunted Doll Exhibit Hits Chicago Museum

The Chicago History Museum's short-term display features 15 dolls with ties to the city's myths, legends and events


A chilling collection of haunted dolls are scattered on the grounds of a Chicago museum.

In tune with the spirit of Halloween, the Chicago History Museum has released 15 dolls from its archives for its "Haunted Dolls and History's Horrors" program.

The brave and brazen can stare into the eyes of the various dolls, all the while learning about their storied ties to the city's history.

"Each doll has shed its once playful nature and adopted an eerie persona, representing — or misrepresenting — some of the most unnerving, frightening tales from Chicago history," the museum's website reads.

The dolls are placed across 13 different nooks and crannies throughout the museum, inviting museum-goers on a scavenger hunt to seek them out.

Visitors can run into Resurrection Mary, a bisque be-headed doll dressed in blue with eyes that open and close. According to the museum, legend has it she haunts drivers along Archer Avenue in southwest Chicago.

Another doll featured in the program is a clown puppet that was used in performances at the 1933 Century of Progress International Exposition held in Chicago.

The museum noted on its website that while the dolls represent the city's myths, legends and events, they are not specifically associated with the occurrences.

The short-term display will welcome museum-goers through Nov. 6.

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