Got Halloween Weather Questions? Ask NBC 5 Meteorologist Paul Deanno

Ask your questions in the chat below!

It's hours ahead of designated trick-or-treat hours across the Chicago area, and the Halloween forecast isn't exactly conducive to happy candy-seekers.

That leaves a few unanswered questions for revelers: What will the weather be like during trick-or-treat? Will it still be snowing and where? Raining? Cold?

NBC 5's newest meteorologist, Paul Deanno, is here to answer your Halloween weather questions live!

Just enter your name in the chat below and ask a question. You don't need to log in to submit a question.

Please note this is a moderated chat, so please refrain from cursing and hate speech. The chat officially opens at 1 p.m. Paul will answer your questions until 2 p.m.

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