Fox Family Makes New Home in Chicago Suburb

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A family of 13 foxes has been calling one Chicago suburb home over the past few weeks.

A mother, father and 11 kits were first spotted three weeks ago in Jaime Cheema's backyard of her Wheaton home.

"Right now, it’s fun to watch them," Cheema said. "They’re getting bigger. They’re growing. And it’s just really neat to have them up close and personal and be able to see them."

She originally posted on Facebook asking for recommendations on how to get rid of the foxes, but those who commented said to leave the animals alone, adding "the foxes won't bother you."

The Facebook users then requested that she post more videos of the "cute" foxes playing in her backyard. Cheema said she now takes the videos to show how playful the foxes can be.

"For the most part, they act like kittens or puppies. They’re just running around, playing. They run with stick in their mouths. They wrestle," Cheema said.

The family hangs out under the backyard shed when it's time to rest, she said.

Education Specialist at the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County Stephanie Touzalin said the foxes will typically disperse in August, September and into the fall, leaving the area.

She added that foxes are not harmful, but people are still advised to keep an eye on pets and children when playing where the animals are present.

"Wildlife are generally gonna be afraid of humans and we like to keep that balance because that keeps them safe, keeps us safe, so just keeping an eye out, maybe trying not to use that same exact space for a while," Touzalin said.

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