The Ethics Show Must Go On…

Illinois offering ethics seminars week of impeachment vote

It seems Illinois takes her ethics seriously. No, seriously.

While Gov. Rod Blagojevich faces charges he tried to auction off President-elect Barack Obama's senate seat to  the highest bidder,  the state is holding ethics seminars for government workers. 

More than 200 state employees are expected to take part in the ethics courses at University of Illinois-Chicago. Featured speakers include agency heads, as well as speakers from the governor's own office.
That would be the same week state legislators could vote to impeach Blagojevich on corruption allegations.

Blagojevich, it turns out, initiated mandatory ethics tests for state employees that includes a section of hypotheticals, such as what to do if someone is offering a gift. It turns out that the governor himself has taken (and apparently passed) the 90-page ethics test - five times and as recently as last May.

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