Early Spring Warm-Up Begins

Temperatures could reach 50 degrees by mid-week

Let the warm-up begin.

The early March cold snap is finally gone, and temperatures are beginning to go up Saturday. Morning temperatures were in the 20s, but by noon they'll be around 38 degrees.

The high temperature for Saturday is 42 degrees, which is right around the average for this time of year.

The warm-up continues throughout the weekend and into the week with very little -- if any -- precipitation to boot.

Sunday will be partly cloudy with a chance for a few sprinkles in the afternoon and evening. The high temperature will be 39 degrees.

The real warming begins during the week when temperatures could reach 50 degrees. Monday's high will be in the low 40s, but temperatures are expected to reach 48 degrees on Tuesday and 50 degrees on Wednesday.

The warmth is expected to stick around through the week, with temperatures in the high 40s on Thursday and Friday.

This week's weather won't come close to matching the record high temperatures for this time, which fall in the 70-degree range, but 40s and 50s are a far cry from the single digits of this past Thursday and Friday.

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