Don't Fret About Bears' Free Agent Slowdown

If you're anything like me, you spent Wednesday watching the news, Twitter, your inbox and every website that has ever reported any sports news for the latest on the Bears and free agency.

Jerry Angelo and his team were stuck in limbo throughout the lockout, so with it over, they would explode with activity, right?

Well, it started out that way. The Bears signed draft picks Nathan Enderle and J.T. Thomas, and were reportedly close to terms with third-rounder Chris Conte. They also were looking at tackles Willie Colon and Jermon Bushrod.

But after Tuesday's flurry of undrafted free agent signings, players like Brad Maynard being cut, verbal agreements for other players with other teams making news, and the tons and tons of cap room that the Bears need to fill to avoid running afoul of the NFL's new salary cap rules, should Bears fans be worried about the lack of activity coming from Halas Hall?

No. Though this is one of the strangest, most frenzied free agent periods ever, a lack of announcements doesn't mean that the Bears aren't working behind the scenes. They could be waiting to make announcements until they have signed players officially on Friday night, lest they risk the embarrassment of thinking they have a player locked up while he's looking at other teams.

They also are wisely keeping an eye on cap room as far as any extensions that may happen over the course of the season. Matt Forte and Greg Olsen are both deserving of contract extensions, and signing them to long-term deals would have the double effect of taking up cap room and locking down two key members of the Bears offense. To make that happen, the Bears can't use all of their reported $33 million in cap space during this one week of free agency

Bears fans, it's not in our nature to relax, especially after a whole summer of no football activity. But in this case, it's the only thing that can be done. Relax, and enjoy the pre-season.

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