Crews Resurrect Sunken Zombie Barge

The zombie barge is almost back from the grave.

A crane crew could be seen Wednesday outside Navy Pier lifting out of the water a haunted zombie barge that sunk on Halloween after getting pummeled by high winds and waves. 

The Zombie Containment Haunted House was supposed to be the main attraction at Navy Pier's Halloween festivities, but the organizers ended up having to refund money. 

Spokesman Nick Shields said Friday that wind “twisted” the barge and the event has been canceled for the weekend. He said refunds would be offered to those who purchased tickets.

According to Navy Pier’s website, the barge is Chicago’s only floating haunted house.

Navy Pier officials also said the Ferris wheel, Grand Ballroom, East End Plaza, cruises and Chicago's Masquerade Ball + Nightmare at Lakeview Terrace were also be closed due to "extreme weather and waves."

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