Frightening Footage Captures So-Called ‘Creeper Ghost' Believed to Be Behind Rash of Chicago Burglaries

A thief known as the “creeper ghost” is believed to be responsible for a rash of home burglaries in Chicago after a resident captured chilling footage showing a man moving through a home with the owners still inside, going virtually undetected.

Several thefts, home invasions and robberies have been reported in the city’s Bucktown neighborhood over the past few weeks. The incidents have happened in the early morning hours near Armitage and Damen, according to residents in the Bucktown Neighborhood Watch.

One victim caught an intruder on camera in footage he says is the stuff of horror movies.

The video shows a hooded intruder sitting outside the homeowner’s bedroom for several minutes, lurking over Jack Mackercher and his girlfriend, who had fallen asleep on the couch.

“Basically came in my room,” Mackercher said. “Didn’t try any other rooms. Tried to look in my office, but he looks down on us multiple times on the couch, leaning against the wall, looking at the TV.”

Not even the couple’s dogs woke during the burgalry.

It wasn’t until the next day they realized a purse was missing. They watched their security footage to trace their movements and saw the frightening scene.

“We see a figure creep in, figure creep back out,” Mackercher said.

The couple later saw on social media that numerous other residents caught a man matching the same description trying to open several doors before breaking into homes and stealing goods.

“They have videos in the neighborhood of him going to every single door,” Mackercher said.

Residents have decided to begin walking patrols up and down the streets.

“These guys know that we don’t have enough police on our streets at these hours,” said Steve Jensen, president of the Bucktown Community Organization.

Chicago police confirmed there have been reports of burglaries in the area, but no one was in custody as of Tuesday evening. 

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