CIty's Auditor Axed

Bob Benson stunned by abrupt termination

A $130,000-a-year internal auditor for the city said he was stunned when two unidentified men showed up at his office on Dec. 29 to show him the door.

Bob Benson, director of internal audit, who took over Chicago's scandal-scarred Hired Truck Program when Mayor Daley needed it most has been fired.

"The reason I was given is that the Office of Compliance wants to take internal audit in a different direction. I don't know why they'd want to do that. Our internal audit department had done a good job for the 5½ years I'd been there," said Benson, 63.

A Chicago Sun-Times report Friday indicated that there are a number of conflicts related to the city's Office of Compliance director, Anthony Boswell, who is apparently behind Benson's termination.

Daley created the Office of Compliance about a year and a half ago "because he didn't trust his corruption-fighting inspector general to police city hiring," the paper said. Attorney Boswell was brought in from Denver to run it.

Read the full story in the Sun-Times.

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