Chicago's Jahlil Okafor Faces Trouble Off the Court

The former Whitney Young High School basketball star has run into trouble for a third time in several weeks

Former Whitney Young High School basketball star Jahlil Okafor has run into trouble for a third time in several weeks.

A man filed a police report with the Boston police on Friday, claiming Okafor assaulted him during a fight, which was allegedly recorded on a cell phone.

The man states in the report that he was punched and knocked to the ground outside a nightclub early Thursday morning, authorities said.

Police say the man said he needed stitches to close a cut above his eye. The man told police that the fight broke out after some of his female friends refused the advances of two other men, including one believed to be Okafor.

Okafor claimed he had been reacting to heckling about the Sixers, who lost to the Celtics Wednesday night to fall to 0-16 on the season.

The 19-year-old rookie said Friday that he was embarrassed about the scuffle and was dealing with the team and the NBA on possible discipline.

"It was definitely dumb on my part," Okafor said Friday.

Boston police are investigating the allegations and no charges have been announced.

On Sunday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Okafor was involved in two other incidents in recent weeks.

He reportedly had a gun pointed at him after a verbal exchange at a Philadelphia night club in October.

A few weeks ago, he was reportedly stopped by police for speeding on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. Authorities say Okafor was driving 108 mph. Anything about 40 mph on the bridge is considered reckless driving.

Authorities have not released any further information on either of these incidents.

Okafor was drafted to the 76ers earlier this year. The team lost to the Houston Rockets on Friday, bringing the Sixers' season record to 0-17.

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