CPS Inspector General to Review Abuse Allegations

More fallout from the investigation into sexual assaults at Chicago Public Schools came Tuesday as the city asked the inspector general to step in.

Last week the CPS inspector general suggested his office should investigate the sexual abuse allegations — rather than the CPS law department. The school system agreed Tuesday. With the mayoral election eight months away — this new development is the third response to the crisis in 12 days.

CPS officials now agree that the office of the inspector general for CPS will take over investigating students sexual abuse allegations — by employees, vendors or volunteers.

A week ago, Inspector General Nicholas Schuler — pointed out his office is the proper place — not the CPS law department that has competing interests.

Schuler estimates hiring at least ten new staffers for this project — that’s on top of the half-million dollars already estimated for hiring an outside attorney to also examine current CPS systems.

The plan is for the inspector general to review past cases — and determine if additional action is needed — perhaps even forwarding his findings to prosecutors to recommend criminal charges.

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