Trump Gave Rahm Emanuel $50K

Billionaire Donald Trump, who's eyeing a run for the White House, gave a sizeable campaign contribution to President Barack Obama's chief of staff as he ran to become Chicago's mayor, a recent report highlighted.

The Illinois Review, a coservative blog, reports that Trump gave Rahm Emanuel $50,000 in December 2010.   Those numbers came out in January, 2011, but are being pointed out now because of Trump's possible presidential bid.

This isn't the first time Trump has donated to candidates in Illinois, but it is the largest contribution. State election records show Trump also gave $5,000 to George Ryan, the Republican candidate for governor in 1998, and then $5,000 more in 2001.  He also donated $2,000 to Rod Blagojevich in 2002.

Trump also gave $12,500 to the Cook County Democratic Party.

NBC Chicago was able to confirm these donations through the Illinois State Board of Elections Web site.

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