Chicago Police Lieutenant Spearheads Effort to Help Homeless Veteran

A newsstand on Chicago’s Northwest Side caused a Chicago police lieutenant to take on a mission that would change a homeless veteran's life.

Lt. John Garrido’s mission started more than a year ago when the 27-year police veteran drove by a beat-up newsstand near Foster, Milwaukee and Central Avenue.

He would soon meet homeless Air Force veteran Anthony Johnson who worked out of the newsstand.

“He’s just really a great guy who just got off on the wrong foot somewhere,” Garrido said of Johnson.

Garrido used Facebook Live to call out for the community to help Johnson.

“I said we are going to meet this Saturday, we’ve got people coming together in the community, followed suit and started doing it,” Garrido said.

The community answered the call and--not only fixed up the newsstand--but also helped buy Johnson some cold weather gear and even raised money so he would have a place to live.

“I figured a few people would step up but it was overwhelming,” Garrido said.

Because of his efforts, Garrido received the officer of the month award from Chicago Police Memorial Foundation: an honor Johnson says his new friend deserves.

“He’s good guy, I am so thankful, I don’t want to to say,” Johnson said.

Garrido says what he did for Johnson is not unique. He says police officers do things like this each and every day.

“Police officers do this kind of stuff all the time and you just don’t see it," he said. "That’s what I like to do, I like to help."

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