Bank of America Chicago Marathon Training Week 6: Build Up Strength and Push Endurance

Last week was tough. The tough part of training and just dealing with life is sometimes a bug can get you good. 

I was knocked off my game and was too sick to run my 10 miles. I squeezed in a recovery run and a high intensity interval training class to mix things up when I felt a little better. 

Now I’m at week 5 and I’m getting things back on track. 

I had an 11 mile run and that is that farthest I’ve been able to run...ever. It was so difficult, but I felt so accomplished afterwards.

I’ve been experimenting with gels during these long runs. I’m seeing which ones work best for me, but you need to take them with water. The only drawback about running in our city is that lack of water fountain access. 

The ones that are working are few and far between. I need to find a good running water bottle to bring with me to take my gels with. I’m always open to recommendations! 

I have two more speed runs to get through this week. 

Less than 79 days to go.

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