10 Jobs in Demand in the Chicago Area: Report

Looking for work or a career change? According to a recent report from Crain’s Business, things are looking good for those considering a new beginning. Here’s a list of 10 in demand jobs in the Chicago area this year.

Data scientist

Crain’s calls this position “perhaps the hottest job of the 21st century.” Companies across plenty of industries utilize data in nearly unlimited ways—and they all need help doing it. Citing a job recruiter, Crain’s says this job can pay as high as $163,500.

JavaScript developer

JavaScript was reportedly a dark horse in the running for some time—but that’s changing. The programming language gig can draw in nearly $92,000 a year and experienced developers can earn even more.

Network Security Engineer

This career averages a salary of around $85,000—but can double with experience.

Trading Tech Programmer

Big trading companies need programmers to make the platforms used to buy and sell by traders. Recent grads can expect six-figure incomes in this field, Crain’s reports.


Mental health services are often hard to find in rural areas—but they’re still in need. Crain’s reports a growing popularity in telemedicine to reach new patients in need, with a salary commonly around $200,000.

Nurse educator

The next generation of nurses need to be taught by those in the know—so nurse educators are in demand. Crain’s says, on the low end, the position’s salary starts around $70,000.

Internet-of-things savvy electrician

Smart devices and homes are becoming more and more prevalent as the technology shows up on the market. But not every homeowner knows how to get their living space online. Electricians who do are pulling in around $50,000 a year, Crain’s reports.

Wind technician

The growth of this industry is an expected 108 percent by 2024 with an average salary of about $51,000.

Sports sponsorship consultant

Big sports companies are in need of businesses and individuals that will help managing sponsorships—and local agencies are hiring. Entry level jobs have a salary between $30,000 and $50,000, Crain’s reports.

Development director

Salaries for this position vary wildly, but nonprofits are looking for development directors to help with fundraisers and more, according to Crain’s.

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