Owner Accuses Chicago Chef, GM of Stealing $10K in Truffles, Beef, Wine: Report

Someone’s in truffle.

The owner of the once-famed, now closed Grace restaurant in Chicago is accusing two former partners of using the restaurants inventory—most notably $10,000 worth of truffles, as well as wine and Wagyu beef—at private events, the Sun-Times reports.

Investor Michael Olszewski accuses chef Curtis Duffy and general manager Michael Muser of profiting off the allegedly misused victuals in a lawsuit, the paper reports. Duffy and Muser have also sued over non-competes they signed saying they should no longer count since Grace has shuttered.

According to the Sun-Times, Olszewski plans to reopen the restaurant. He also says he had proof Duffy worked in New York, Hong Kong, Florida and California using Grace’s accounts.

Olszewski also said Duffy gave an interview after he quit that shows he intended to open a new restaurant and “steal Grace’s clientele,” the newspaper reported. Olszewski called it a “mutiny” against the restaurant that caused the famed restaurant to close.

“Closing Grace has never been considered as an option by me,” he reportedly said in his court affidavit.

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