Cops Beef Up Mag Mile Presence After Teens Swarm Downtown

The city is warning it will offer zero tolerance for any more disturbances from roving crowds of teens in the downtown area.

Hundreds of officers were waiting along the Mag Mile Thursday night at the Red Line station at Chicago and State and arrested a few dozen teens. Chicago police sent out a tweet saying extra officers are on patrol Friday night so everyone can enjoy the weekend.

Just two nights ago -- 500 teenagers caused disturbances from the mag mile to Millenium Park.

Bailey Munson is a tourist from Michigan.

“I understand a job needs to be done and I respect the police force completely, but I also think kids will be kids,” Munson said.

Police made 31 arrests on charges ranging from disorderly mob action to theft and battery Wednesday night.

Two-hundred officers on foot, on bikes, and on horses were waiting for the teens, Ald. Brian Hopkins, 2nd, said.

"We had monitored on social media and we saw it growing in the couple of days leading up to this," he added.

Hopkins said he’s working with Chicago police to keep the peace in his ward.

He says the city is keeping a closer eye on the internet.

“We saw on social media, expressions of surprise in the aftermath of this, that there were some expressions of surprise that people actually got arrested," he said. "Last summer that wasn’t the case. You could come downtown and get away with just about anything."

This year, city officials said they have a message of zero tolerance for anyone thinking about causing problems.

“If you come downtown and your purpose for doing so is to rob people, to punch innocent people, to scare tourists, and to steal phones and purses, you’re going to get arrested," Hopkins said.

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