See the Full 2018 CTA Holiday Train, Bus Schedule

The CTA Holiday train will make its way through all "L" lines in late-November and December

Chicago commuters will soon be riding in holiday style! 

The Chicago Transit Authority has announced its 2018 holiday train and bus schedule, which continues through the end of December. 

The holiday train and elves' workshop train will not only be bringing commuters to their destinations this season, it will also deliver food baskets to charities across the city, the transit agency announced. 

The train is a tradition decades in the making, beginning on the Blue Line in 1992 with a simple "Season's Greetings from the CTA" sign on a train that delivered food to various charities. 

Now, the train has evolved, bringing Santa on board as he waves to riders from his sleigh at the front of the train. 

The holiday train and elves' workshop train will be wrapped in festive gear and adorned with thousands of twinkling lights. Inside, riders will be greeted by Santa's elves, who will have "plenty of candy canes for good boys and girls," the CTA said. 

The 60-foot holiday bus will also be transformed into a "winter wonderland" with "Ralphie the Reindeer" and Santa's sleigh in tow. Strings of lights will outline the bus and its windows along with 3-D antlers up top and a ruby light at the front of the bus. Some riders will even be able to take photos with Santa. 

The CTA Holiday train will make its way through all "L" lines in late-November and December from 1-8 p.m. on weekends and 3-7 p.m. on some weekdays. Every Saturday, the holiday train will be followed by the elves' workshop train to "allow more to enjoy this one of a kind holiday experience."

The holiday bus will run from Nov. 27 through Dec. 23. 

Here's a look at the train and bus schedules: 


NOTE: Schedule times are approximate

Tue 11/27

#56 Milwaukee

12:45p: NB from Madison/Wabash

Wed 11/28

#56 Milwaukee

12:30p: SB from Jefferson Park Blue Line

Photo session @ Jefferson Park Blue Line

approx. 3:30p-4:30p

Thu 11/29

#92 Foster, #91 Austin 

12:25p: WB as #92 from Berwyn Red Line to Jefferson Park Blue line

1:25p: SB as #91 from Jefferson Park Blue Line

6:45p: EB as #92 from Jefferson Park Blue Line to Berwyn Red Line

Fri 11/30

#22 Clark

photo day 


SB from Howard Terminal (Red/Purple/Yellow lines)

Photo session @Howard Terminal

approx: 4p-5p

Sat 12/1

#22 Clark/#97 Skokie

 photo day

12:40p: WB as #97 from Howard Terminal to Old Orchard

Photo session @Old Orchard

approx: 1:35p-2:30p

3:40p: SB as #22 from Howard Terminal to Harrison/Clark

Tue 12/4

#66 Chicago

photo day

12:00p: EB from Chicago/Austin

Photo session @ Navy Pier

approx. 4:15p-5:15p

Wed 12/5

#66 Chicago

12:25p: EB from Chicago/Austin

Thu 12/6

#126 Jackson

photo day

1:50p: EB from Jackson/Austin

Photo session @ Jackson/Austin

approx. 4:20p-5:20p

Fri 12/7

#12 Roosevelt

photo day

1:05p: EB from Harrison/Central

Photo session @ Harrison/Central

approx. 3:30p-4:30p

Sat 12/8

#12 Roosevelt

1:10p: EB from Harrison/Central

Tue 12/11

#31 31st

2:00p: EB from Ashland Orange Line

2:40p: WB from 33rd Place/Lake Meadow

3:15p: EB from Ashland Orange Line

NOTE: the final trip will depart at 4p from 33rd Place/Lake Meadow to Sox-35th Red Line

Wed 12/12

#29 State

photo day

12:50p: NB from 95th Red Line

Photo session @ Navy Pier

approx. 5:25p-6:25p

Thu 12/13

#29 State

12:50p: NB from 95th Red Line

Fri 12/14

#28 Stony Island

photo day

1:10p: NB from Olive Harvey College to 47th/Lake Park

3:05p: NB from Olive Harvey College to Union Station

Photo sessio @ Union Station

approx. 4:45p-5:45p

Sat 12/15

#62 Archer

photo day

12:20p: NB from Midway Orange Line

Photo session @ Midway Orange Line

approx. 3:05p-4:05p

Sun 12/16

#62 Archer

1:10p: SB from Kinzie/Sate

Wed 12/19

#49 Western, #X49 Western Exp.

photo day

12:30p: NB as #49 from 79th/Western

2:30p: SB as #X49 from Berwyn/Western

Photo session @ 79th/Western

approx. 4:25p-5:25p

5:40p: NB as #X49 from 79th/Western

7:25p: SB as #49 from Berwyn/Western

Thu 12/20

#79 79th

photo day

12:40p: EB from 79th/Western

1:55p: WB from 79th/Lake Front to Ford City Mall

Photo session @ Ford City Mall

approx. 3:25p-4:25p

Fri 12/21

#3 King Drive

12:20p: NB from 95th/Chicago State U.

Sat 12/22

#3 King Drive

photo day

1:45p: SB from Ontario/Fairbanks

Photo session @ 95th/Chicago State U.

approx. 3:30p-4:30p

Sun 12/23

#87 87th

12:05p: EB from 88th/Cicero to 91st/Commercial


* = Elves' Workshop Train to follow

Green Line & Orange Line 11/23

Green Line* 11/24 (photo day)

Green Line & Orange Line 11/27

Orange Line & Brown Line 11/28

Orange Line & Brown Line 11/29

Orange Line & Brown Line 11/30

photo dayOrange Line & Brown Line* 12/1

Pink Line 12/4

Pink Line 12/5

Blue Line 12/6

Blue Line 12/7

Blue Line (+ photo-only stop on Pink Line)* 12/8 (photo day)

Red Line 12/11

Purple Line 12/12

Red Line 12/13

Purple Line 12/14

Red Line & Purple Line* 12/15 (photo day)

Purple Line 12/20

Yellow Line 12/21

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