Chicago Boy Becomes Star in Viral Photo

“It makes me feel strong,” the child told NBC Chicago Wednesday

At just 6 years old Harper Anthony has found himself at the center of a viral image garnering attention from thousands across the country, including celebrities like Diddy and Common.

The young Chicago boy took social media by storm as he modeled in a campaign aimed at showcasing “solidarity, community and inspiration." 

In the photo, Harper, who is wearing a blue suit with a tie, a pink flower and a pocket square, stands front and center, his fist raised. Behind him stands a crowd of men, also in suits, with their fists raised in unity.

“It makes me feel strong,” Harper told NBC Chicago Wednesday.

The photo was taken in Dallas, where Harper travelled to model for a luxury brand. While in Texas, Harper’s mom learned of another shoot for the blog Black Menswear.

“My son is projecting that the next generation is all about leadership, they’re about innovation, they’re all about power,” his mother Ashley Coleman said. “The next generation stands to do things that I don’t think we’ve seen before.” 

The image was reposted by Diddy and fellow Chicago star Common, whose post got more than 90,000 likes. 

“When you got a whole village standing behind you,” Common wrote. 


Harper still spends his days finishing his homework and doing chores, but not without the support of his community, he says. 

“It makes me feel like I’m blessed right now,” he said.

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