Chicago-Area Students Prepare For Nationwide Walkout Over Gun Violence Wednesday

Students will hold a nationwide walkout Wednesday morning calling for immediate action on gun control--including here in the Chicago area.

The day marks the one month anniversary of the deadly high school shooting in Florida.

Some students met Tuesday night at St. Sabina church to help share their message ahead of the walkout.

"I lost family members and friends to violence," Kirsten Sanders said at the meeting said. "And I just wanted to help change, change at least a little bit."

They want to be armed with books, not guns and they want the same for their teachers, they say.

They’re part of an organization at St. Sabina church called BRAVE: Bold Resistance Against Violence Everywhere.

They’ve created signs with powerful messages promoting what they say is fairness, equality and strength.

One student,who was a victim of gun violence in Chicago, had just returned from Parkland, Florida where he collaborated with students there who’ve lost so much.

"They were scared also, too," Vashon Edmondson said. "They had a hard time coping with it."

He said the Parkland students were left wondering if such violence would happen at their school again.

"It was just unexpected in a safe environment at Parkland," he said.

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