Chicago-area Lyft rider shares experience from ‘nightmare' trip

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A Chicago-area woman shared her experience after a Lyft ride from Oswego to Chicago went from a ride for a night out with friends to her worst nightmare.

But Lyft said an investigation into the incident found it may have been a misunderstanding.

“I thought he was kidnapping me,” 28-year-old Kalena Foust told NBC Chicago.

Foust describes the moment when her trip began to take a turn for the worst, saying she felt off once she got into her ride.

“He turns on all the lights and goes 'put on your seatbelt,'" Foust said.

Along with her seatbelt, Foust turned on her GPS and noticed the driver missing several exits. Lyft noticed as well and connected her to police. 

Foust said Lyft asked her what exits the vehicle was passing and what lane she was in, saying the driver told her he didn't speak English when asked where he was going.

Demanding her driver stop the car, Foust jumped out of the moving vehicle when he exited at Armitage in Bucktown.

“I just jumped out the car and then he stopped the car and got out the car as well," Foust said.

She ran into a nearby gas station to safety. 

Lyft released the following statement:

“After conducting an internal investigation, we believe this was an unfortunate misunderstanding, due at least in part to a language barrier. We have no reason to suspect the driver acted maliciously.”

“Even if there was a language barrier, you hear me saying something so…his GPS spoke in English!” Foust said. “Be alert and be aware and I think everyone should watch their own phone to when they get into one of these rideshares.”

Foust told NBC Chicago while it’s not about the money, Lyft still charged her the full amount for the 90-minute ride.

However, they did refund her $18 for the extra distance off route the driver took her. Police said the incident remains under investigation.

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