Catholic Leaders Make Wager on Blackhawks vs. Lightning Series

When it comes to playoff series bets between politicians, any wager is par for the course. When men of God begin to make wagers however, that’s when you know things are getting serious.

Sure enough, the Catholic dioceses of both Chicago and Tampa Bay are joining in on the fun for the Stanley Cup Final between the Blackhawks and Lightning. The Bolts currently hold a 2-1 lead in the series, but that didn’t stop Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich from wagering some Chicago-style deep dish pizza that the Blackhawks would come back and win the series.

It wasn’t just one pizza that the Archbishop wagered either. He bet enough food to feed the 300 guests of an organization called Pinella’s Hope, which gives shelter to homeless individuals in Clearwater, Florida.

“Heaven knows there’s no ice in Tampa,” Cupich said. “So while it’s a long shot, we promise to send our real pizzas south in the unlikely event Chicago loses.”

In exchange, Bishop Robert Lynch wagered a huge helping of Florida grapefruits, which will go to St. Leo’s Residence for Veterans in Chicago if the Blackhawks come back and win the series.

“Chicago could use some Florida sunshine,” Lynch said. “If by some miracle the Blackhawks win, we will send our beautiful grapefruit to the veterans at St. Leo’s Residence.”

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