Chicago Among Top Binge-Drinking Cities

Do you plan on having a drink for St. Patrick’s Day? Or two? Or Three? Or Four?

Apparently, Chicago is known as a binge-drinking city.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of cities and states with the most “binge drinkers,” the Chicago metro area ranks at no. 15.

Binge drinking, according to the study, consists of men having five or more drinks on one occasion and women having four or more drinks on one occasion. By that definition, the CDC says 21.1 percent of Chicago-area residents are binge drinkers.

The data might come as little surprise to city residents following an eventful St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Not to mention the city was named the Best Drinking City in America by GQ Magazine last year.

In Illinois, 21.8 percent of residents say they binge drink, which puts Illinois in third place on the list of binge-drinking states. The Land of Lincoln is tied with the District of Columbia and Iowa for the ranking.

The biggest binge-drinking city in the country, according to the data, is Fargo, North Dakota and the Minnesota metropolitan area, which had 28.1 percent of residents identifying as binge-drinkers. North Dakota was also the highest ranked binge-drinking state, followed by Wisconsin.  

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