Car Window Smashed With ‘Dibs' Chair on North Side

A Chicago "dibs" game took an ugly turn this week

A Chicago resident's car window was smashed in this week on the North Side using a chair from a neighborhood "dibs" game, where parking spots are reserved amid the snow using creative objects.

Alec Patterson, Andersonville resident, posted on Facebook that someone had used a chair from off the street to shatter the windows to his parked car.

"I'm very aware of the dibs game in Chicago and 100% respect it, but this has gone a little too far!" Patterson wrote. "When parking on Carmen, the chair was actually on the sidewalk a spot down & thought nothing of it."

Patterson added that he does not yet have footage of the incident and is still trying to find the offender. He asked that anyone who has information or footage to contact him.

"I don't want to get the police involved, but would rather you just pay your part to the damage you have done to my vehicle!" Patterson said in the post.

Chicagoans have already been mixing things up with items they're leaving in the streets this winter.

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