Can You Guess Illinois' Favorite Disney Movie?

A new report revealed a list of favorite Disney movies according to each state.

Can you guess which classic film Illinois chose as its favorite?

A report listed Illinois, along with 16 other states, favoring “The Lion King”—a win for the majority across the country, according to

A total of 25 of the films the company considered to be the most popular Disney classics were chosen, and 38 of the states favored films with animal protagonists.

By utilizing Google Trends data, researchers at discovered “which films US states and Canadian territories and provinces showed the most interest in over the past five years,” the site said.

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Analysts “cross-referenced all the Disney movies through the end of the Disney Renaissance (1999), starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” the site said.

The list of movies chosen however, only include hand-drawn animations, which means that the popular, early 2000s film “The Incredibles” and even the widely-known 1995 “Toy Story” film, were excluded from the list.

Check out the full report here.

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