Blagojeviches Get New Dog

Rod Blagojevich may soon be going to the big house, but there's a new addition to the family that'll be using the dog house.

All four members of the Blagojevich clan -- the former governor, Patti, Amy and Annie -- paid a visit to PAWS Chicago Friday night and picked out the new addition: an eight-week-old Maltipoo.

The tan female Maltese poodle mix, named Luella, was found as a stray before she was taken in by the shelter a few weeks ago, explained executive director Rochelle Michalek.

The family already has one dog, named Skittles.

Michalek said the family is thinking of renaming Luella to keep with the candy theme. "Twix" is reportedly at top-of-mind.

Blagojevich said it's a good time for the family to bring in a new pet as they try to move forward. The former governor on Wednesday was sentenced to 14 years in a federal prison on corruption charges. He surrenders in February.

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