Is Blago Indictment on Fitzy To Do List Next Week?

April 7 deadline for formal charges

A formal indictment against Public Official A -- aka Rod Blagojevich -- may soon be coming his way.

The deadline for the U.S. Attorney to announce formal charges against the governor is April 7, but it appears it could be handed down next week.

Blago was arrested in December, but U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald requested extra time to put the investigation together -- which might result in charges of pay-to-play politics.

On Friday afternoon, Blagojevich went on WVON Radio to talk about how his family is weathering the storm.

"Patty and I are working through this, and our kids, God bless them -- we're doing the best we can to keep them away from all this stuff that I'm in the middle of," he said.

Even though Blagojevich is likely to face serious charges soon, he railed on his successor for his plan to raise taxes.

"Here's a guy who's doing taxation without representation. He's going to raise people's taxes by 50 percent, even though he never got a single vote to be their governor," Blagojevich said.

Blago has hired a new defense attorney, Terence Gillespie, who also represented Ed Vrdolyak in his recent federal case.

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