Bike to Barack's House

Bobby's Bike Hike has a new tour to Hyde Park

We'll admit it.  We are just *slightly* proud of the fact that the newest President of our nation is one of us – a true Chicagoan.

We're so proud that we'll take every opportunity to brag about it/talk about it/show tourists around his neighborhood. Hey -- there's nothing wrong with that! 

Bobby's Bike Hike has a new four-hour tour involving 20 miles of bicycling along the lakefront and into Hyde Park to – you guessed it – visit Barack Obama's favorite stomping grounds.  On the way, admire Buckingham Fountain, the Museum Campus and Soldier Field, but save some camera disk space for Hyde Park, where you'll see the University of Chicago campus, the Museum of Science and Industry, Obama's house, where he gets his hair cut and where he likes to throw down a little b-ball.

You can even stop for a bite at one of Obama's favorite restaurants, so bring a little extra moolah. The tours are given daily from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Sept. 14; $35-45.  Price includes bike and helmet, and reservations are required.

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