Bike Bandits Raid High-End Shops in Chicago, Evanston

Some owners even resorting to locking their bikes in place

More than five bike shops have been hit in a matter of weeks in the Chicago area and tens of thousands of dollars worth of bikes have been stolen--and frustrated shop owners are speaking out.

Surveillance video shows three thieves breaking a front window at The Pony Shop in Evanston. The three thieves rush into the store.and steal five bikes in less than a minute.

A similar scene at BFF Bikes in Bucktown where thieves have visited multiple times.

Owner Annie Byrne says the thieves stole three bikes valued at about $5,000.

"Three times someone tried to get in ... successfully twice," Byrne said.

A disturbing pattern that has her losing sleep.

"I woke up the other morning at 4 and had bad feeling, like, should I go to the shop?" she said.

At Let’s Roast bike shop in Wicker Park, thieves broke in on a frigid January morning. The back door had been kicked in.

Surveillance video shows the thieves checking price tags before grabbing two bikes valued at $3,200.

"It sucks," Logan Beyhl of Let's Roast told NBC 5.

Thieves also hit Cycle Smithy in Lincoln Park sealing three bikes work about $12,000.The shop installed a new gate as a result of break in.

Other shops have done the same. Some owners even resorting to locking their bikes in place.

Turin bikes in Ravenswood was also hit.

At this point chicago police aren’t linking the break ins but owners feel sure that there’s a connection.

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