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Prosecutors Provide Details in Murder-for-Hire Plot

The woman allegedly tried to hire an undercover police officer to kidnap and kill a 62-year-old woman

A Northwest Side woman is behind bars Sunday after she was accused of trying to hire an undercover police officer to kidnap and kill a 62-year-old woman, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Lissette Ortiz, 54, was arrested Friday evening in connection with the plot. She was denied bail during a weekend court hearing after police say she tried to orchestrate the death of a woman whom she believed was romantically involved with her ex-girlfriend.

“Although initially she only spoke about kidnapping the victim and having her delivered to the defendant, she quickly also asked the undercover officer to supply her with a loaded handgun,” Assistant State’s Attorney Jack Costello said.

Prosecutors say they have recorded evidence from a meeting inside of the undercover officer’s vehicle, during which Ortiz allegedly discussed plans to kidnap and kill the 62-year-old woman.

“The defendant told the undercover officer that her plan after the victim was delivered was to put her in a car, tied up, and then set the car on fire in a remote location,” Costello said.

Court documents note that Ortiz wanted her victim to know she was responsible, and she reiterated her plan to the undercover officer multiple times.

"Defendant told the UCO that she wanted the victim to know that defendant was responsible for these events prior to the murder," prosecutors said. 

Ortiz was taken into custody on Friday night, and will be back in court on Monday at 11:30 a.m.

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