Suburban Police Warn of Counterfeit Cash

Authorities in a Chicago suburb issued a warning Monday after counterfeit money was used in multiple transactions.

Fake $50 and $100 bills were used in two of the most recent incidents, Aurora police said in a Facebook post.

A 14-year-old Naperville boy lost roughly $1,200 in a private sale set up using the OfferUp app, according to police.

He sold a pair of shoes to someone who used the counterfeit bills during the deal, officials said – adding a reminder that area residents can use the police station as a location to conduct in-person transactions that were coordinated online.

In another incident, authorities said a customer at a restaurant in downtown Aurora used fake money to pay for his bill, and was given real currency as change.

Police estimated that the business owner lost nearly $200 in that transaction.

The bills are emblazoned with phrases like “For Motion Picture Use Only” and “In Gold We Trust,” police said, sharing a photos of some of the fake money.

They also have the same serial number, authorities said, warning the public to examine closely any cash received.

Anyone with information about who may be producing the counterfeit bills is asked to contact Aurora Police Investigations at (630) 256-5500 or Aurora Area Crime Stoppers at (630) 892-1000.

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