8th Grader Faces Expulsion for Bringing Baileys to School

Glen Ellyn student may get suspended or expelled for bringing a mixed drink to school

A 13-year-old student may get suspended or expelled for bringing chocolate milk mixed with Baileys Irish Cream to school last week. 

Police said the girl, an eighth-grader at Hadley Junior High School, gave the mixed drink to four or five other students before school began on Dec. 9, according to the Daily Herald.

Although none of the students appeared to be intoxicated when an officer arrived, possession of alcohol carries a minimum sanction of suspension under the Glen Ellyn School District 41 disciplinary rules. The maximum sanction is a 10-day suspension with the recommendation for expulsion.

No such citations were issued, police said, but the school and the girl's family are "working with" authorities to determine the next steps.

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