3-Day Gambling Binge Ends in Court

Casino escorts woman out

If Alexis Robinson does indeed have a gambling problem, as a judge in Gary, Indiana, told her on Monday, then there's nothing funny about her 72-hour marathon at the Majestic Star casino that landed her in court.

On the other hand, if Robinson and the judge have at least a smidgen of a sense of humor, well, then, it's a little bit funny.

Robinson was escorted out of the Majestic by security after a three-day gambling stay in which she apparently never left the casino.

When a security guard finally asked her to leave, she "just stared at him," according to the police report.

Robinson was charged with criminal trespass; the judge entered an innocent plea of not guilty for her.

"It is ironic and sad that this lady and many other's have a problem with gambling," Clifford Dishmon commented at Chicago Breaking News. "People like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley can afford to lose tens of thousands of dollars. When will people who are rational thinkers speak out against gambling and other schemes that trap people in this mythical quest to become rich?"

Commenter JRH countered: "She had been playing for three days straight! How about a shower and a tooth brush people?!?"

No word on what games Robinson was playing, if she was winning, or if she had this book with her.

But ultimately, it's only a little funny and a lot more sad. "Once I gambled for 72 hours and when I left the club, I collapsed in the parking lot," one recovering gambling addict once wrote at Female Gamblers. "I became physically sick from gambling. I can't even describe how emotionally sick I became."

After the judge told Robinson she had a gambling problem, she replied "If I do, I have to change."

Her trial is scheduled for June 15.

Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture review.

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