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4 Students Arrested in ‘Large Scale' Fight at Clemente High School

Four officers suffered minor injuries in the scuffle, and one student had a panic attack, police and fire officials said.

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Four students were arrested Friday afternoon after police responded to fights at Roberto Clemente Community Academy in Ukrainian Village.

An officer called for backup shortly after 12:30 p.m. for a "large scale physical altercation" at the campus at 1147 N. Western Ave., according to Chicago police.

Four officers suffered minor injuries in the scuffle, and one student had a panic attack, police and fire officials said.

Four juveniles were arrested but charges haven’t been filed, police said.

Representatives for Chicago Public Schools did not immediately release information.

Several students said there were other fights at the school earlier in the week and that Friday’s fights were likely related.

One student said she was on the top floor of the school and saw a fight break out, sparking a larger confrontation between students who poured out of classrooms.

"It was a fight. It was mob action," said senior Keishaliz López. "The whole school just went crazy after that."

She wandered the halls looking for her sister when she saw officers responding to the school. She claimed officers "man-handled" her while she tried stop the fighting.

"Mind you, I’m very much skinny. I got marks all over my arms. I was mad," López said. "I was getting upset because why are you touching me like that when I’m all calm, not a danger to nobody. … I was confused, I was mad, I was crying. I was more scared of the cops than the fight."

She said she is considering transferring from the school.

As parents waited outside, one man approached an officer and accused him of hitting his son in the back of the head with a baton while trying to break up the fights.

He demanded the officer's name and badge number.

"You put your hands on my son," the man yelled as he followed the officer to a squad car.

Other parents made similar claims, denouncing officers for allegedly using too much force against the students.

More than a dozen police cars could be seen outside the high school. Crumpled sheets of paper and pencils littered the ground. Students leaned out of the school’s open windows.

One parent standing outside said he heard about the fighting and came to pick up his child, but was told students were being kept inside. Around a dozen other parents stood outside near the doors and courtyard, waiting to see when their children would be released.

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